Gear List

To participate in the class, you'll need quite a bit of outdoor gear, some of which you may already own. However, since the tab can start to add up we work out deals with local outfitters where they will offer students a discount. There will be store staff and WAC instructors on hand at each to answer any questions regarding the gear on the list. It is also a good idea to rent or borrow certain gear if you are not sure you are ready to purchase.

WAC Basic Climbing Class Master Gear List


Maps for each trip need to be around 1:24,000-scale, 7.5-minute topographic maps.

For the map & compass lecture, please print one of the following:

  1. Snoqualmie Pass 11x17 (8 MB) - Same as link below for 'Snoqualmie Pass 11x17.pdf'.

  2. Navigation Lecture Map 8x11 (4 MB) - Sufficient if you don't have a printer for 11x17.

For all wilderness field trips, green trails maps are good or print your own. You may use the maps below or generate your own with tools like gaia or caltopo.