Making Snow Stakes

For Snow 1 and Baker, you will be camping on snow. While a 3-season tent should suffice for both of these trips, the tent stakes that came with your tent will not.

You can purchase snow stakes, but why do that when you can upcycle some stuff that you have lying around? Here are some easy alternatives:

  • Plastic bread or shopping bags. Fill with snow. Tie off to your tent guyline. Bury in snow.

  • Tree branches. If you know you're going to an area that has trees on the approach, you can collect tree branches or bigger twigs lying around. Tie off to your tent guyline. Deadman the branch. If you can't get the deadman out, no biggie. It's a branch.

  • Use these 3 items and use as a deadman:

    • 1. leftover cord

    • 2. lids of various food containers (obviously the stiffer the better)

    • 3. Keychain clips (or similar)

      • To make this: