• Class meets on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 PM (except for the first meeting, Tuesday February 27th, which will run from 7 to 9:30 PM). Class is held in the basement of Prospect United Church of Christ on Capitol Hill (1919 E Prospect St, Seattle, WA -- map here). Don't be late, we start promptly.
  • Attendance is required at all classroom sessions and all weekend field trips.
  • To get the most out of the class, you will need to do the required reading and homework prior to each Tuesday night session. 
    • The majority of the reading is from Freedom of the Hills (FOTH) (We are reviewing the 9th Edition for 2018). 
    • Anchor building and assessment reading material will come from the Climbing Anchors text book. 
    • You will also receive a copy of Accidents in North American Mountaineering (ANAM) which is released annually by the AAC. We encourage you to read this prior to the Mountain Safety lecture, it is a great learning tool.
    • On the schedule below, you will find the required reading for each week.
  • Like the field trips, this is a very hands-on class. In addition to the reading and the lectures, we will be using our climbing gear to practice knots, anchors, and other skills in the classroom setting before we venture outside. Please make sure to check the required gear for each Tuesday night class prior to arrival.
  • For the class field trips, refer to the gear list. There will be pack checks at the trailhead before each outing. If you do not have all of the required gear, you may not be able to participate.
NOTE: Dates can fluctuate due to available permits for group recreation. Schedule should be set closer to class start.

Tuesday Night Lectures Weekend Field Trips
Week  Month Day Topic Homework Gear Day Topic Location Docs
1 February 27  Meet & Greet, LNT, Gear 1  Optional: FOTH  Chapters 1-3

 N/A 4-5  No Trip  N/A
2 March 6 Gear Lecture 2 FOTH Chapters 4 & 7 N/A 11-12 No Trip N/A
 3March13 Navigation 
Suplemental Info
 FOTH Chapters 5, 6  Compass
 Mt Si
Knots, Map & Compass 
 Mt Si Rd, North Bend
WTA info 
4 March 20  Knots 1  FOTH Chapters  9 & 10 Gear List 24 (Sat) Spire 1
(Rock I)
Climbing, Rappelling, Glacier Travel
Military Rd S, just West of Highway 7, Spanaway

5 March 27 Knots 2 FOTH Chapters 11 & 12 N/A TBD No Trip

 April 2Extra Credit: Climbing Practice at Mountaineers Wall      
6 April 3 Climbing Anchors Climbing Anchors, optional FOTH Chapter 13, 14 Gear List 8 (Sun) Spire 2
(Rock I)
Climbing, Rappelling, Glacier Travel, Map & Compass 
Military Rd S, just West of Highway 7, Spanaway

 April6Extra Credit: Climbing Practice at Mountaineers Wall      
7 April 10 Rock II
(Students meet at Mountaineers Wall North Plaza, not at church)
FOTH Chapter 26 Gear List 14
Mt Erie
Climbing, Rappelling, Anchors 
Mt Erie
Ray Auld Dr & Erie Mountain Dr, Anacortes

8 April 17 Knots Test and First Aid FOTH Chapter 24  Gear List 21 or 22
(1 day)
Vantage Frenchman Coulee
 9April24  Winter Camping,
Ice Axe
 FOTH Chapters 3, 16N/A29 - 30  Break N/A 
10 May 1  Mountain Safety: Compounding Errors FOTH Chapters 22, 25 Gear List 5-6
Snow 1
Self Arrest, Snow Travel, Snow Anchors, Glacier Travel
Mt Baker, Artist Point 
11 May  8
 Avalanche Awareness, Snow Travel
Chapters 17
 Gear List 11-13
(1 day)
Alpine 1
  Alpental Parking Lot 
12 May 15  Glacier Travel and Crampons FOTH  Chapters 18  Gear List 18-20
(1 day)
 Alpine 2  Alpental Parking Lot 
13 May 22 Glacier Rescue and Z-Pulley  FOTH Chapters 19  N/A 27-28 Break N/A
14 May 29 Weather  FOTH Chapters 27, 28 Gear List  June 2-3  Snow 2
Glacier Travel, Low Angle Ice, 
Crevasse Rescue, High Angle Ice
 Paradise Parking Lot, Mt Rainier NP
15 June 5 Altitude
Trip Planning &
Final Announcements
 Trip Planning Assignment
FOTH Chapter 21 and pages 563-566
 Gear List  9-10 Mt Baker 
 Schreiber Meadow Trailhead  

June N/A  No Class N/A  N/A  16-17
 Mt Baker Backup
(if previous weekend canceled) 
 Schreiber Meadow Trailhead  
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