Becoming a New Instructor

Thanks for your interest in becoming an instructor with the WAC Basic Class! Becoming an instructor is a great way to keep your skills fresh! Just contact us at ASAP, and we can provide more information and start the process. Being able to take part in Instructor Training is an essential part of the process towards becoming involved with teaching in the WAC BCC. If you aren't able to attend the Instructor Training sessions,

Both graduates of the basic or intermediate classes and those new to the WAC are required to:

  • Attend Instructor Training - For 2022, Instructor Training Sessions will exist as a series of clinics: one day sessions at Guye Cabin, multiple evenings sessions held at the Mountaineers Wall, and a few ZOOM/virtual sessions. You can sign up for the hands-on sessions here. Information re: the ZOOM/virtual sessions will provided soon.

    • Training sessions are occurring from late February - mid March. All instructors must attend two clinics (at least one in-person) in order to help out with the class.

    • These session will consist of reviewing several critical skills, going over how to teach these skills, and becoming skilled at identifying potential issues and how to address them.

    • Be current WAC members: so either renew your membership or become a new member, and sign the appropriate waiver.

All event dates are in the Schedule and Google Calendar.

New to the WAC entirely?

Thanks for your interest in the WAC! The process allows us to assess your skills and see if we'll be a good fit for each other. In addition to the requirements above:

  • You'll be interviewed by 1-2 instructors to find out about your background and motivation for teaching in the WAC.

  • You'll be asked to send us a short climbing resume about your experience.

  • You are invited to attend the Instructor Meet and Greet (typically held in mid-February) to learn more about the class and talk to other instructors.

  • If you are invited to join our instructional staff for the season, be sure to sign up for instructor training here, and please review the WAC way, which is the collection of technical methods our club has chosen to adopt for our climbing curriculum. We acknowledge there are many ways to address various technical skills, but for the sake of consistency in how/what we are teaching, we ask that all instructors (and students) work within the WAC way.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!