Basic Class Committee

Interested in one of the roles below? Apply here by December 14, Sunday! Thanks!

Class Selection Committee Member

(1 position open)


  • Interviews applicants to the Basic Class

  • Able to attend meetings to select the Basic Class

Pro Deals Coordinator

(1 position open)


  • Using contact info from the past year, contact store and gear manufacturer reps to get discounts and pro deals for the class' students and instructors

  • Document discount and pro deal information to post on website

  • Coordinate the group Metolius pro deal order

Equipment Chairs

(2 positions open)


  • Help develop and clarify equipment replacement and maintenance policy

  • Maintain equipment replacement and maintenance log

  • Conduct equipment checks after every usage (class and weekend field trips)

  • Able to store the equipment (ideally)

  • Ensure that the necessary equipment is transported to class and weekend field trips

  • Attend DBS meetings as necessary

Dead Bowline Society (DBS)

(Multiple positions open)


  • Maintain and update the WAC Way document

  • Help shape and update methods of teaching, standards, curriculum, and policies for the class

  • Help organize and assist with new instructor training and returning instructor clinics

  • Attend DBS meetings